Please cancel my order #IUM11276.


I ordered several items on December 31, 2019. It’s been 1.5 months now. They said the reason for the delay is due to not having stock. As far as I know, my order has not been shipped. Hence, I would like to cancel my order #IUM11276. I have emailed the support email and not getting any reply. So I’m hoping to get a reply to this forum instead.

Thank you.


Hi @chriswiesan

This is a user forum, and not really a contact point to get hold of the company. Sorry to hear about your problem. I did a quick web search and got this as the phone number for Anova Support: 1(855)421-8282
I suggest you phone support and talk to someone rather than depend on email. I’ve generally heard that support is very responsive, though personally I’ve never needed to contact them.
Best of luck!

I’ve been trying to contact them as well. I got my new unit, used it once and it failed 10 mins before the food was done. Like Christian said, you can’t get anyone on the phones or email over there.

At the very least, people should be working remote during this time!!!