Descaling. After using it for about 4 hours...

Anyone else? We use it in our country house and didn’t want to use water from the well so we used bottled water (mineral). But can that cause it? Very little water has been used. A bit annoying, will get battery/distilled water in the future.

may be, as some bottled water have a lot more minerals than other. You may look at the various water labels to chose one that has less mineral.

As the tap water where I leave has a strong taste I almost ruined a coffee machine using the “wrong” type of mineral water, changing is solved it. I suppose the same will go with a steam oven.

That was my thought but I used maybe 100 ml or something. Well, I better descale it and buy destilled water.


100ml and you need to descale? there is a problem, if this occurs again you should contact the support

Oven indicated that after 30hours of steam use descaling was required. For me that was about 3 months. You should not use bottle mineral water because it contains mineral which will lead to more descaling . You want to avoid minerals in water. Buy 20L bottle of Distilled water. Cost is low and will last you 2 to 3 months depending on how much steam you could with.

I agree with the other posters, the minerals in the mineral water caused the scaling, so just descale and switch to distilled. Note that you can also buy a water distiller online for under $100, so depending on your situation this might be the most economical solution.