How to keep water out of bag?

I seem to always have the bath water getting into the cooking bags. Really bad for many foods.

I’ve used several varieties of Ziplocs, and also Forsous vacuum bags with pump. I clean the contact zone and use the white slidey clamp to close the seal.

There are no punctures, obviously. Just leaks in seal. Also one vacuum bag the valve itself popped open.

Suggestions? What am I doing wrong? I try to keep the top of the bag out of the water, but with large items it is very difficult.

Hm, this has happened to me twice - once because I actually didn’t actually close the bag as tightly. And two because the bone of the meat made a small cut in the bag.

@Ember @acs - any insight on this?

I use zip-locks and have had good experience, but I learned a thing or two. First use freezer grade bags, they are a bit heavier. Also important is to make an effort to not get the lock area dirty in the first place, fold it back so you can get food in without coming in contact. Lastly, after I put the bag in the water and crack the seal to let air out, I run my hand over the whole length of the zip so it feels right to me.

Oh, and I don’t wedge food in a bag that is too small and it puts pressure on the zip.

Hope that helps.

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I don’t use zip lock bags, so I can’t really help here. If you’re in doubt you could double bag it.

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I don’t think I’ve ever used a ziploc bag for SV since I own two clamp vacuum sealers.

I do use ziploc bags for other things, and I’ve noticed that over the years, they keep getting fancier looking and lesser life spans. It seems that they hired engineers to figure out how to make the seals only usable once or twice before the bag or seal fails.

Some bags have perforations between the two seal strips, these could be the cause of problems in some instances.

Also, depending on the slider design, it might not seal 100%. While this is fine for storing stuff in the refrigerator or a lunchbox, once you get it in the water, it could open up and leak.

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Thanks guys for your input! I hope this helped a little bit @krementz