Video: The Immersion Method

Hey Community!

After talking to a lot of you a new customers, I decided to make a few videos to help people have an amazing first cook by answering some of the most common questions when people first start.

I get a lot of questions about the immersion method, so here is a quick video to show you how it is done!

If you have anything else you would like a video on, please let me know!


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This actually works much better in a larger enclosure (such as a standard sink). I always take mine down to the water brimming on the edge of the ziploc bag, so all of the air is out of the bag.

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Thanks for the tip!

Yeah, definitely if you have access to a bigger body of water it is easier to do, I would also recommend doing it before the water is too hot, because if you wait to do it to vegetables which cook at a higher temperature (or even steaks), you risk it being too hot for your hands, making the whole process harder.

So you can pre-immerse them, but it in the fridge while you wait for the water to heat up, and then just put it in when it is ready!

Hi All, Love the video’s very helpful and informative for a “newbie” to the Imersion method.
Thank you.

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