Setting up Your First Cook

Setting Up Your First Cook

1. Attach and adjust.
Position the clamp (that attached to the device) to your chosen vessel and fill until the water hits the “min” marker on the device. The clamp can be moved up and down the device to accommodate pretty much any vessel.

2. Fill it.

Fill your vessel with water making sure it at least reaches the “min” line on the device

3. Set temp and time.

Once your pot is full of water, and your device is attached to your pot (and plugged in!) Use the scroll button (pictured below) to set your desired temperature for what ever you are cooking. After scrolling, press the play button and you will see the device start to heat and circulate the water. Check out this nifty video for manually setting the time.

If you are using the app, you can easily set the time and temp directly from your favorite recipe or manually on the entry page (so easy, right!?). You can visit the google play store for our android app, or the App store for the IOS version.

4. Prep your food.

Prep what ever food you’d like and drop it into the bag you’re planning on using. Season it, spice it, etc.

Don’t know what to cook? Check out these Easy Recipes for Beginners for an easy and delicious first cook.

5. Immerse it.

If you don’t have vacuum seal bags, you can get the same effect by using the immersion method. Simply place your food in the bag and then slowly lower the bag into the water. Displacement will naturally force the air out of the bag creating the same effect as vacuum sealing. Seal the bag and clip to the side of your container–Voilà, mission complete!

6. Do what ever your heart desires!
While your food is cooking you don’t have to worry about it burning or over cooking, so live your life! Go for a run, play ball with your kids, or just relax.

7. Time’s up!–add the finishing touches

Like a crispy finish? Give your food a quick sear on a really hot skillet.
Like it saucy? Drizzle some delicious glaze on your perfectly cooked chicken breast, add your own unique spin!

8. Share your precision cooker hacks with the community!

How do you keep bags from floating?
Have a favorite temp and time for steak?
Can you reheat left overs?

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Is it okay to attach the clamp to the metal part of the Anova?

@maxaj Yes definitely! It makes it so that you can attach it to a lower pot or vessel so you don’t have to use as much water.

You can adjust it by loosening the smaller knob at the top, and then retightening it along which ever part of the metal skirt works best for your vessel. Here is a photo of a precision cooker in our office that has the clamp attached to the metal part.

Hope that helps!

Helps a lot. Thanks so much for the timely response.

Just make sure you do not go below the Min water line if using a small pot.