New to Precision Cooking? Here's what you need to know

Let’s start with the basics, what the heck is precision cooking?!

A favorite cooking technique in restaurant kitchens worldwide, precision cooking (also known as sous vide) circulates water around a vacuum-sealed bag of food at a very precise temperature to cook the food to the exact level of doneness -- no worries of ever overcooking! Think about that perfectly medium-rare, tender steak you ordered at dinner last week, or the flavorful, juicy chicken breast you raved about even after you left the restaurant. Chances are, those delicious dishes were the work of precision cooking. With your Anova device, you can accomplish these impeccable results and impress your friends with your awesome culinary skills, all from the comfort of your own home.

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So, now that you’ve received a beautiful, shiny new Precision Cooker at your doorstep or office (so you can show your new toy off to your coworkers), what’s next? Don’t let getting started slow you down. Here, we’ll go over what you’ll need to get started, how to cook using the basic features on the device and in the app, as well as some basic recipes, tips and tricks. If you get stuck, don’t worry! Everyone in the forum is here to help so if you get stuck, please don’t hesitate to use this thread as a resource to ask questions!

For those of you who are already precision cooking pros - please join in! Help our new Anova food nerds out by answering questions and commenting with your own advice and tips on getting started. Thank you!

What's included?

What You Will Need for Your First Cook: The Basics

1. Plastic Bags

You don’t need to get fancy or spend too much money buying anything for your first time Precision Cook. I use resealable plastic bags at home, because they are ridiculously easy to find, can take the heat, and relatively cheap. You can also explore many other options including silicone and vacuum sealed as explained below.

OPTIONAL: You can always go full-throttle and buy a vacuum sealer and bags. In the office we use a Food Saver, but there are number of great vacuum sealing systems out there (also check out the forums and see what other members are recommending!)

2. Some Kind of Container

In order to cook your food the precise temperature you will need some kind of container to put the water in. A lot of people use stock pots and/or Cambro food grade plastic containers.

I personally use a Cambro plastic container, but feel free to get creative and build your own, or use a bucket–just make sure what ever you use can handle a little heat.

3. A Clip!

We recommend having simple clip (use binder clips, chip clips, hair clips, money clips) in order to attach you bag to your pot, container etc. Really anything that might be laying around your house (like this clip dog :arrow_down: )

If you don’t have a clip at your house, don’t worry, you don’t need a clip, just make sure which ever bag you use is sealed well!


We know you like food as much as we do. The time has come! grab a steak, chicken, or asparagus, and start cookin’!

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