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The community forum here is a great place for us to help each other with finding the answers to your questions. To make the support experience better, I’ve answered the questions that we hear the most in the community and in various places on the interwebs.

If you can think of others, please be sure to throw them into the comments section of this thread. :nerd:


:fork_and_knife: Where does Anova Ship?

We ship in the U.S. and internationally. You can view our full list of countries we ship to in our support help desk article If you don’t see your geo there, we are currently not set up to ship there.

:fork_and_knife: How much is shipping?
This varies country-to-country. In some countries, shipping is free. Depending on where we are shipping to, you might need to pay for customs and duties. For the full details, check out our Where Are The Shipping Options support article.

:fork_and_knife: How long does shipping take?
Standard shipping takes 3-6 business days.

:fork_and_knife: How much is the Anova Precision Cooker?
Our current list price (MSRP):
$129 USD for Bluetooth APC
$159 USD for Wi-Fi APC

We have promotions going from time-to-time, which you can find out about directly on our site.

:fork_and_knife: When is the next time you’ll have a deal?
We sometimes have promotions pop up on our main site. You can also sign up for our email list to be notified when we have something special going on.


:fork_and_knife: What is the maximum capacity?
The 800W (current Bluetooth APC) version can circulate up to 5 gallons
The 900W (current Wi-Fi APC) version can circulate up to 5.5 gallons

:fork_and_knife: Where can I find the product specs?
Right now you can find this on our product page for our current models.

:fork_and_knife: Where can I find the user manual online?
Wi-Fi model
Bluetooth model

:fork_and_knife: Is there an auto-volt feature?
The Anova Precision cooker does not have an auto-volt feature. We sell units with different volts (220v and 120v). You can find all of the voltage and plug options from our mainstore.

:fork_and_knife: Can I use a transformer?
We do not recommend using a transformer. As stated in our warranty provision, “The Initial Warranty does not include damage to the product resulting from accident, misuse, the use of a plug converter or transformer, improper installation or operation, unauthorized or improper repair, replacement or alteration”

:fork_and_knife: What is the temperature range for the cooker?
The temperature range for our current models are 77°F (25°C) to 212.5° F (99°C).


:fork_and_knife: What is the Bluetooth pin?
Normally, there’s no need to enter a PIN to pair the cooker. Simply download and launch the Anova app to go through the setup process.

:fork_and_knife: How can I set up the timer manually?
Hold the “play” button down for 8 seconds. During that time the display will change from C to F after 3 seconds - but keep holding it! - then the timer button will light up after the 8 seconds. For more info, check out our support article.

:fork_and_knife: How can I change the temperature manually?
Here’s everything you need to know about how to control your cooker manually, including how to change the temperature.

:fork_and_knife: Why can’t I connect to Wi-Fi?
Please be sure to visit the Wi-Fi connectivity troubleshooting help desk article. If you’re still experiencing connectivity issues, please contact us at


:fork_and_knife: How come the cooker doesn’t stop/turn off when I am notified my cook is done?
This is a safety feature. You will need to stop your cook via the app or manually in order to stop the cooker from circulating and heating.

:fork_and_knife: Why is my cooker making weird noises?
There might be a reason for the notification. You can find out the different beeping noises and what they mean from our help desk article.


New to Precision Cooking? Here’s what you need to know.

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If you have additional support questions, we will be happy to help you out! Drop us an email to

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Sure, some suggestions:

You should mention that wifi works only on the 2.4 GHz band, only if the password does not contain special characters, and only with certain router models.

For bluetooth, you should mention that loss of the connection from the app is frequent and can be fixed by re-starting the app only some of the time.

You should mention that, for cooks above around 75 ºC, it is necessary to have a container with a lid, otherwise the steam that rises from the water confuses the Anova’s electronics.

Please also mention that, after setting the time, it is necessary to then again hold the button for three more seconds to switch back to Celsius, otherwise the temperature scale will remain on Fahrenheit, potentially causing the wrong temperature to be entered next time.

Additional FAQs:

Q: “How do I stop the beeps once the timer goes off?”

A: “You need to walk up to the device and press the play button or unplug the unit. You cannot turn off the beeps from the app.”

Q: “How do I extend the cooking time once the timer has ended?”

A: “You cannot do that from the app. To do it at the device itself, you need to press the play button to stop the beeps, and then enter a new cook with the extra time you want, either on the device itself or via the app.”

Q: “How do I stop the continuous beep after the Anova detects that the water level has dropped too low?”

A: “You cannot stop the beep by adding more water. Instead, stop the Anova, add more water, and then enter a new cooking time that subtracts the amount of time that the food had been cooking before the low water condition was detected.”

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Really appreciate your input! I’ll add to this thread. Thanks. :slight_smile:

I am having an issue where the coils seem to be breaking away the ceramic coating?

Hey can you reach out to so we can look into this? We’ll help you out. :slight_smile: