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Hello and welcome to the Anova Culinary Community Forums! My name is Jordan and I want to make sure you’re enjoying the forums. We want to get to know you so I thought it would make it easier to break the ice if we had a little “meat and greet” for new members.

Start here by introducing yourself - tell us your Anova story! How did you learn about precision cooking and what lead you to Anova Culinary? What was the first recipe you cooked with your machine?

Got questions for us? Ask away! Our members and I will be happy to answer your questions and point you in the direction of some great discussions.

Looking forward to meeting you!


My name is John and I’ve just started on this sous vide cooking, looking forward to share experiences and how this cooking device helps me get there!

@johnybgood Welcome to the community - happy to have you here! What was the first thing you cooked?

My name is John as well. I just got my unit and have not had time to buy anything to cook. I am thinking about a hanger steak. I also want to try eggs. The pictures I have seen look great. The iphone App will be handy. Any chance it will be released for the iPad? I came to buy Anova based on great reviews and friends recommendations. The $25 Spring promotion sealed the deal. I also smoke a lot of meats and this will be a great addition. I raise most of my vegetables in a hydroponic garden and I am impatiently waiting for the last freeze (2 months to go). In a week or so I will start my first round of seeds.

Hey @john.jcb eggs can be a bit hit and miss, plus when they go well the results are different enough to ‘normal’ eggs that some people think they’ve gone wrong. The eggs themselves need to be as fresh as you can possibly get, preferably still warm from the chook’s bum. Go for it, but please don’t judge the Anova or Sous Vide as a technique based on the results. I generally try to discourage people from trying eggs first, and respectfully suggest chicken breast or salmon fillet for a quick wow factor result.

@john.jcb Welcome, John! Great to meet you! The iPad version would be down the road because our focus is on the Android app at the moment, but keep an eye out for updates down the road because it’s a possibility and many members have mentioned it. We’d love to hear more of your thoughts on the app here: http://community.anovaculinary.com/discussion/508/tell-us-what-you-think-about-our-ios-app

BTW - so glad you’ve heard such great things about Anova from your friends, you’ll have to thank them for us! Always nice to know that our Anova home chefs are spreading the word :slight_smile:

My name is Greg and I just received my Anova Precision Cooker yesterday. I must say the shipping of the unit was very quick. I ordered it on Monday and received it on Thursday morning via Fedex. I haven’t cooked anything yet, but I did do some testing to see how well the unit controlled the temperature of the water. I used both my Thermoworks ChefAlarm and Thermapen to compare temperatures. All temperatures were within one degree of each other. Does anyone know if there is a way to calibrate the Anova? At this point I do not believe it needs to be calibrated, but it would be nice to know for future reference.

Hello @gmacted, thanks for joining our community! Recalibration can be done through the app - it’s currently available as a feature through the settings on the iOS app and will be included in the Android app once it’s released. Have you had the chance to do a cook with the Precision Cooker yet?

@jordon Doesn’t calibration also need a standard to measure against. I don’t think anyone even a professional kitchen would have the equipment to use as a standard. You need something better than the Anova. For ovens accuracy is not so critical but you sell a very precise piece of equipment. I bet your engineering’s equipment is in the thousands.

Me and my wife both share this account and we both love cooking. We found out about sous vide thru her work and since we got our anova we have been completely amazed. We have been telling everybody about the product. You guys should definitely have a "refer a friend" promotion going :)

The first thing we cooked was filet mignon  steak and it was fantastic. We have made chicken breast, pork chops and other types of steak. We are in love with our anova precision cooker !!!


@annmarie.leandro Welcome to the community.

It is a wonderful machine.

Tonight I am having short ribs that have been bathing for 48 hours; tomorrow I will have the 72 hour ones to compare.

This weekend I am thinking about making some yougurt with my cooker. I also saw a recipe for creme brulee made in small masin jars that looked easy and delicious.

I posted this in a different thread but I think it may have got lost in the forum update. Like many of you I have a few different mass-manufactured instant-read electronic thermometers but I have no way of knowing how accurate they are other than judging averages. Maybe there’s a business opportunity for someone to buy an ultra-accurate thermometer that’s annually certified against the ISO standard, that you can pay to visit your home and calibrate and certify your own domestic devices (or at least tell you how much they are out by so you can make allowances when using them), much like a piano tuner. Might be a good add-on business for an electrician?

john.jcb said:
@jordan Doesn't calibration also need a standard to measure against. I don't think anyone even a professional kitchen would have the equipment to use as a standard. You need something better than the Anova. For ovens accuracy is not so critical but you sell a very precise piece of equipment. I bet your engineering's equipment is in the thousands.

You’re absolutely right, @john.jcb. It’s tested against some pretty spiffy industrial science equipment - measurement equipment along the lines of a meat thermometer and lower-grade kitchen temp measurement tools would not be sufficient comparison devices, but the thermapens actually work quite well. The recalibration feature helps correct units that have gone rogue and are measuring 5+ degrees off from a comparison tool. This is rare but not unheard of. If the APC is 1 or 2 degrees off compared to either something like a thermapen, I’d go with the APC temp unless there are multiple comparison tools being used.

@annmarie.leandro Thanks for sharing! Welcome to the community, we’re happy to hear you’ve had a great experience with your Anova so far. Keep us updated with what you’re cooking :slight_smile:

Hey! I’m Tom - a home cook. I came across the Anova One while researching sous vide cooking and after reading nothing but good things, I decided to get myself one. I’ve been browsing recipes and videos while I wait for my unit - it’s making me antsy, I just wanna get to it!
Looking forward to experimenting and learning from you all.

I’m Jim, and just placed an order for the Precision Cooker. I’ve been cooking sous vide for a couple of years now with a Side-KIC which has finally died; I did some research, and think I’ll be happy with my new Anova (and am even happier with the price, although I wish I had read through the forums first to get that nifty $50-off coupon-of-the-day).

Unrelated to that, I can’t change my avatar: it says permission denied. Have I forgotten to verify something? I’m not a big fan of either the color or the eyes of what I was assigned …

I just cooked my first chicken breasts with my Precision Cooker… and they turned out perfectly! It’s safe to say I’m hooked. So… hi from New Westminster, Canada!

I have just purchased my Anova One, after much searching online. I need to have a cooking container, Has anyone had any experience with the 48 can Coleman Party Cooler,( I have seen where someone says the 24 can isn’t deep enough for the Anova One) it seems like what I need, but there is no sources of information that I have found, I have for years used smokers for low and slow, but I think with me being retired and living in an apartment this might be the way for me. Any suggestions will be appreciated.


Looking forward to the new code so I could get my friend to get one.

Welcome, @Automatic! We’re happy to have you here in the forums with us! Have you received your device yet? If so, what did you cook for the first dish?