1kg Ribeye Steak

Hi, I need some of the expertise advice here

I am thinking of sous vide cooking it as a whole instead of cutting into smaller portions. If so, what would the temperature and duration to set to have medium rare result ?


The weight of the cut is more or less irrelevant. How thick is the cut?

Hey @Fatuya - @Brian1 nailed it…thickness is pretty important. Once you’re able to figure that out, we can point you into to the right direction with temps + time.

Hi there, it is about 10cm thick of Ribeye Wagyu meat. Appreciate if you can advise the right temps and time. Thank you !

For a piece of meat that thick, I’d shoot for between 3 and 5 hours. The temperature depends on how you like your steak cooked.
This is the temperature guide I use when cooking steak. Temperature will vary depending on the source, but I’ve never had problems using these temperatures:

Rare: 126°F
Medium rare: 129°F
Medium: 133°F
Medium well: 140°F
"Hanging toughtough (between med- well and well done): 147°F
Well done: 154°F

Personally, I never go above 135 with beef, but it’s all a matter of preference.
Hope that helps.
Good luck!

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Hi everyone, how do you guys know how to calculate the time depending on the thickness?

It’s easy using Douglas Baldwin’s guide.


FYI, mms are the thickness of a dime or about 25 to the inch.

thank you! I’ll check it out!