1st Try at cooking steaks for different doneness

This past weekend was my first try at cooking steaks for different doneness. Our neighbors came over for dinner and to experience my “new way” of cooking! Three of us eat our steaks medium-rare, one eats hers well-done. After reading up on this potential challenge and numerous solutions, I went with cooking the well-done steak first, then cooling the water temp down to correct temp for the medium-rare. Add those steaks, along with the well-done steak for the remaining cook time for the medium-rare. Our neighbors were impressed to say the least! The husband is a big charcoal griller, but loved the consistency of the steaks’ doneness. His wife raved about the well-done steak. I was admittedly shocked at how the well-done steak was still moist and tender! Cooking time for the well-done was 1 hour @ 156F, then down to 132F for 1 1/2 hours for the medium-rare.


sounds like some great cooking! how did you sear?

High heat in a frying pan. I use grape seed oil with a little butter- about 30 seconds per side or until I get the color I want.

Sounds delicious

Great idea! I am planning to invite some friends over. Same case as yours, 3 persons like the steak medium/rare but 1 person likes his steak well done.

Can you tell me how thick were your steaks?

the well-done steak was a 1” ribeye (about 16 oz.). The other were 2” NY Tenderloin (med-rare) about the same weight.