60 minutes too long?

I recently got an Anova Precision Cooker. But my two first tries were more or less a disaster.

I tried an entrecôte steak, about 1inch thick and set the temperature to 129 Fahrenheit and about 60minutes cooking time.
I expected an medium rare to medium steak but got a medium to well done steak. 

What did i do wrong?


Have you checked the temp calibration with an external thermometer in the water bath?  My BT model is about 2 degrees off and it runs hot (ie: 129 on my display actually puts the water at 131).

Also, could you have seared it too long?  I’ve found that with thin cuts of meat like 1 inch thick, even up to almost 2 inches, in order to get a good sear without leaving it on there and cooking the meat I have to get a cast iron pan super hot. Like pan is smouldering and the smoke alarm goes off kind of hot.  Or I’ll sear it on my gas grill that I modified to get up to around 850 chamber temps on full.  These kind of temps give me sear times that are only  seconds per side.

Pretty sure it couldn’t happen at 129 degrees even in 3 hours. Especially pre searing. Like acs says check the temp