Anova Alexa skill - Cooking guide integration test

See here:

Added the stuff from the “guide” button in the app. Some of Alexa’s speech sounds a little clumsy which I will fix. Also added some stuff to increase and decrease the temp by a set amount.

Let me know if you think of any other functionality you might want.

Anova are now actively helping me with this skill, and I’m trying to get it out ASAP.


where do I add in there

Alexa “Would you like me to start cooking?”
Walter “Hell yeah”
Alexa starts the Anova

Walter “Alexa tell anova to stop”
Alexa “I told Anova to stop splashing about in the pool”


Nicely done.

I dont see it in my app

Petersen57, it’s not available yet and it’s a skill for the Amazon Echo devices. See for more information about that series of devices.

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okay cause I have Amazon Echo so do you know when it will come soon

You’ll see it announced when it’s available. Still unfinished, and requires work. Thanks for your interest though, it’s encouraging!

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