Anova Vacuum Chamber: Can I marinate without using a bag?

I know we can pickle using low jars in the vacuum chamber.
However, Anova has a recipe for pickled mushrooms (and also to cool down boiled potatoes) using bags (Chamber Vacuum Sealer Recipes – Anova Culinary).
That’s probably a bit too much use of plastic for me - if it’s purely for marinating and cooling down, can we actually do without the bags?


I don’t think the Dry/Cool function actually seal the bags, so although they talk about using bags they can be washed and reused.

This is what I did with the compress function

thanks for replying! The bag’s not reusable if there’s fat in there e.g. if I would like to marinate a piece of fish. Just wondering if I can still do that in the vacuum chamber without a bag!

Yes, You can do those functions in a container. I rarely use bags to do those.

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