Bags with pump

Newbie SVer here. Going to order Anova today. I was wondering if these amazon bags with pumps are good with marinades in them - will the pump work fine? Or should I get a simple bags and vacuum sealer with a moisture feature?


I have used them but only without a marinade and they work well.
I have even reused them, turn them inside out to wash them making sure you get right into the corners.

If you are careful and don’t go too quickly as the liquid is approaching the valve it should be fine, in the same way as you would have to be when using a vacuum sealer.

When you have them in the bath be careful that the valve is above the water level in case some water manages to seep in.

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Sarah - I can vouch that Foodsaver button bags (with dry or wet, hot or cold ingredients inside) DO NOT RETAIN their vacuum seal after a couple of days in the fridge and, quite often, within a few hours. Same dysfunction applies to their solid containers and bottle sealers. I’ve also tested many other unknown brands (mostly Chinese junk) and none of them work as advertised. Needless to say, that I would not trust any of those gizmos in a warm-water bath either, they will leak.
Better results are achieved with waffle texture sealer bags and a good sealing machine with moisture and pulse features. Of course, a chamber vacuum machine is tops, but outrageously expensive and bulky, but quite efficient.

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I never had any that ever lost their seal but I didn’t leave them for longer than it took to sous vide whatever I had inside them, up to about 27 hours was my longest but most were only for up to 6 hours.

You have to make sure you get a good seal though using the clip they com with, which I used to run from each end a couple of times, right along the bag before starting to use the pump.