Anova food sealer

Anyone have the Anova vac food sealer? My Foodsaver vac sealer died and I need to get a new one.

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I have a Weston, and it’s GREAT!

PolyScience 300 Series Chamber Vacuum Packer Best thing i did no more liquid problems.
Use any and cheaper Bags

Yes, I have one, solidly built … better than my generic brand one from Amazon.

The Anova creates a good seal and is a good size for storage

Thank you, I went ahead and ordered it. Do you know if I can use the vac bags I already have?

Thanks for your reply, I looked at those, but they were over my budget.

Thanks for your reply. Perhaps in the future if my budget allows.

Hi Jen2

I used the bags and rolls that I already had, with no issues.

The sealer comes with a few bags to get you by, just in case your bags don’t work.

Only issue I had was that my previous sealer was up to 30cm, the Anova is up to 28 cm… I had a small amount of 30cm left, but mainly had 28cm

Jen, be kind to your budget and use Zip-Loc bags with the double seal. It’s easy to express the air from the bags by submerging them while sealing. Clip the ends of the bags to the edge of your vessel and you will have problem free SV cooking.

When SV cooking at high temperatures double bag our food and add weights to the outer bag. Unclip and rotate the bags occasionally to ensure even cooking.

chatnoir, I already have 2 rolls of bags that I ordered when I got the Foodsaver sealer. That’s why I was asking BMF about the bags. I should have been more clear, I sometimes forget that. I didn’t use the sealer much, so I didn’t use many bags. But thanks for the advice. I had to use the water displacement method the day my sealer died. I wasn’t big on that technique, lol.

Thanks BMF.