Why is all the data for the vacuum chamber sealer all over the place (& other aspects)

Last night I darted around the anova site looking for better detail on the chamber sealer, it was scattered or not there at all, …hardly helpful Anova.
(This morning I actually found better detail on serious eats, which is shameful)

It is a shame the Anova chamber sealer does not have an outside the machine jar sealer option (considering the internal height limitations of what you can put inside compared to the air pull (quoted around 70 litres per minute) shame that the unit on which it was based on / shares many similarities does have an external hose set up.

Currently looking on Ali express for a £20 vacuum jar sealer that will likely negate a sale of the anova & works on bigger jars more suited to what I need, will continue to quick pickle via sous vide technique by default.

Sealing bigger than micro jars is likely a big draw for vacuum users, …the only micro jars i’ve considered investing in are for individual desert purposes the size restrictions keep me away from the anova even at a sale price (which in the uk is still £260 black friday price)

Anova’s manuals on anything are the pits.

Sad but true, I wholeheartedly agree with that & raise you one poorly designed ikea assembly manual on pretty much anything.

(speaking as someone who wrote instruction manuals at one point in time & often re-writes chinglish chinese product manuals out of pity :rofl:

You can easily seal large jars outside of the chamber sealer. The top has to be propped open at certain angle. I use my old Foodsaver jar attachment

Think it would have to be an ali express search to get that, don’t think the foodsaver brand ever made it over here, peculiar how anova don’t sell the accy (or point to where it can be found if they don’t wish to hold stock themselves)

Q. are those standard glass jars or something specific foodsaver sells for temporary storage?

There are no name brand ones on amazon cheap as well. Im sure Ali has them.

They come with two sizes. They are regular and wide mouth mason jars.

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Thanks, I was under the illusion that they were plastic jars with a “unique” lid screw system to send folk back to buy more rather than utilise what jars accumulate from life / supermarkets.

Very interesting, I am waiting for delivery of my chamber vac, so Have bought a battery sealer as didn’t know that you could do it in the anova! I have a food saver that is one of the latest models but about 3-4 yrs old and the sealing strip is not doing a good seal, hence the upgrade!!! I was wondering if I should just return the battery one as have the FS canning tops as well as an old hose, current FS has built in hose so cannot use that.
Thanks again for info.