How to use a hose to an external container with the Anova Vacuum Chamber

Can I use a vacuum hose with the anova vacuum chamber? I don’t see any mention of it in the manual. When I try connecting a hose from the vacuum port to an external container (so the lid of the vacuum sealer is open in this situation), the display immediately shows an E2 error in red when I press start.

I don’t believe the vacuum hose is supported on the chamber sealer.

Yes you can! The lid had to be partially closed instead of fully open. I put something in the chamber so the lid doesn’t close all the way and doesn’t interfere with the hose. You can test this by holding the lid up a little and pressing the start button, it will start then if you slowly raise the lid until it stops and the error occurs you will know the limit. I use the hose on a regular basis for the mason jar topper.

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Hi, I am new to the community and just purchased the chamber. Sealing external containers is not a priority for me, but it may be useful sometimes. Which hose / valve are you using? Are the Anova port accessory hose compatible? It is (obviously) not declared in this product description. Thanks in advance!

Im using and old one from a Foodsaver vacuum i fits the chamber sealer port.