Precision Pro Sealer and Reuseable Bags

I can’t figure out how to hook up the vacuum tubing from the machine to the Reusable Bags port. Am I suppose to cut open the small round spot where it should seal? I tried to just push it in there and it won’t go in. There are no clear directions (beyond the Ikea like pictures showing the tubing going from sealer to bag port). What am I missing? Very obviously, I am brand new at this. Please help!

Hi ya @KathyD Welcome.

There are a variety of bag vacuum ‘ports’, usually in my experience a glued on piece of plastic with a film ‘valve’. And they seem to require peculiar adaptors - quarter sized that go over the hole in the middle and attached to the PP Sealer external port.

I have not tried vacuuming bags. My effort with mason jar lids seems to have failed.

I am happy with my PP Sealer, but am dragging my feet buying a mason jar sealing kit - pump and adapters.

I had the same problem as you and reached out to Anova support about it. Here’s the response they gave me:

You may use the FoodSaver-brand lid attachment for the mason jar.

Also, for the Anova Precision Port Resealable Bags, it is not recommended as the holes on both sides are relatively small and you have to keep them aligned during the whole process.

So despite the box the resealable bags come in saying “any other Anova vacuum sealer using the hose accessory connector” the official Anova position is that their own packaging is a lie and you shouldn’t try to use them with anything but the handheld precision vacuum.

That said, I did just find a workaround that I wanted to share. Foodsaver vacuum sealers come with an additional accessory to use with their branded vacuum bags. That accessory is available on Amazon for like $15 and if you cut off the Foodsaver attachment on the end you can wedge one of your accessory hose connectors into the tube. Since the Foodsaver tube is slightly thinner than the Anova, this makes a tight enough seal that you can still pull a vacuum with it - and I’ve tested it on both Foodsaver and Anova brand reusable bags and found it works equally well on both. I’ve attached a photo of what it looks like when you get it set up.

Hope this helps!

Thank you so much for your response. I will look for the connector you described!


I think this is the one I bought

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Have you used the current “FoodSaver-brand lid attachment” kit with the Anova Pro Sealer and the hose that comes with the Anova?


The Anova hose attachment with my Anova Precision Vacuum Sealer Pro worked for a FoodSaver-Brand container and lid I had, but I could not make it work for the Anova Resealable bags. I went ahead and bought the Anova Precision Handheld Vacuum Sealer to use for the bags. It is unfortunate that Anova had misleading information on the Resealable bags stating that they would work with any Anova Vacuum Sealer using the hose accessory port. In the long run, I am trying to move away from single use bags and the reuseable resealable bags would allow for multiple uses and resealing.