Intended use for the Precision Pro Sealer vacuum port/hose

When looking for a vacuum sealer, I considered the included vacuum hose/port accessory on the Anova Precision Pro to be a plus, but on doing some searching, I can’t actually work out what to use it for; it seems almost to be an afterthought that isn’t covered by marketing or reviews. I can’t find any products that appear to be intended for use with it, and most other posts I’ve come across describe people who have jammed a FoodSaver hose into the Anova one to make it actually compatible with, well… anything. Are there any bags/containers/jars that I can connect to using the hose included by Anova?

A vacuum hose/port accessory is wonderful. I seal canning jars all the time but you must purchase a jar sealer attachment. Foodsaver makes them or you can purchase an off brand type. Also Avid Armor sells a vacuum canister you can use with many type jars (the largest canning jar the large canister will accommodate is a wide mouth ball jar - regular mouth jar is too tall), you can see all of this on various YouTube video as. Foodsaver also has an old vacuum canister I’ve seen on eBay.