Please recommend a brand of GLASS Vacuum storage containers compatible with ANOVA Vacuum Sealer tube fitting

Please recommend a brand of GLASS Vacuum storage containers, lid compatible with ANOVA Vacuum Sealer tube fitting

I have a different vacuum sealer and I have always used Mason jars but I have an adapter that seals using the jar lids. For Anova I believe you need a container that has a lid for sealing that is compatible with the hose attachment. Sorry I have no experience with these.

Yes, that is the issue.

Our vacation cottage has a number of rectangular glass storage containers and lids. Milady Wife has a drawer full of a 3D jigsaw puzzle of plastic storage containers of a plastic that is hydrophilic, each one of which must be hand dried out of the DW, and I run the DW.

The vacuum ports apparently come in considerable variety.

Sort of like cables for computers and electronic devices.

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Can you share a photo of this setup. Just trying to understand how to a vacuum sealer and Mason jars co-habitat.

What is that rig? The idea sounds really amazing.

I think that the mason jar adapter is Food Saver. The sealing lid acts as the ‘check valve’, sealing when the exterior pressure is higher than the interior pressure.

The essential feature - for me - is the proper fitting sizes ~ 5 mm.

Ah, thanks. I will keep an eye out for this and see if my results are same. I have a number of bag vacuum sealers including a Food saver one, but never saw this accessory.

Unfortunately, I want to vacuum store such as a head of lettuce, cheeses, bulk fruits, and so need rectilinear rectangle boxes rather than round jars.

The optimal packing fraction of ‘round’ is low, lower than ‘square’.