Vacuum hose for Anova Vacuum Chamber

I understand that a vacuum hose can be used with the Anova vacuum chamber sealer. I tried using a standard Food-Saver hose to seal a large jar outside the chamber. The Food-Saver hose, however, is apparently the wrong size and will not stay in the suction inlet inside the chamber. Will ANOVA be providing a vacuum hose to be used in the chamber? If not, is there one that can be purchased from another source?

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Thank you for your service @Colonel (USN SS ‘69 - ‘75)

I too have struggled with incompatible vacuum fitting standards. For now I have an ANOVA tube with fittings cut and joined to a Foodsaver tube with fittings and cut. One hose fits tightly inside the other, still not a satisfactory solution.

I would like a set of borosilicate glass storage dishes with vacuum port lids that are compatible with ANOVA’s vacuum fittings. I do not want to buy another flimsy / expensive vacuum pump.

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