Anova Precision Sealer Pro accessory port does not work

Ok, I give up. I cannot get my accessory port to pull a vacuum. I plug both ends in and press the button next to the port, and it sounds like something is going on but there is no vacuum. I am new to the sealer, and happily using all the other features, but can’t use the accessory port. I’d appreciate any help!

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What is the other end of the accessory hose going to?

i have the same problem. I am using a mason jar with lid attachment for sealing the lid to jar. works fine with other sealers but not my Anova. I pressed my finger on the end of the tubing, started the external pulse vacuum and do not feel any pulling/pressure on finger. If its supposed to be sucking air, I think I should feel something on my finger/skin?

Closely examine the (mason jar lid attachment) adapters to see that the (white?) plug is shorter than the (black) ANOVA plug, and too short to open the spring loaded stop valve in the vacuum chamber of the ANOVA.

The black ANOVA plug must be fully inserted into the port socket to open the vacuum valve.

Ask me how I know.

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