Hey group,
Just wanted to check and see if non Anova vacuum seal bags will work in the Anova sealer?

Hi ya @Jayson

Yes, non-ANOVA vacuum seal bags will work just fine. Becareful of what some salesman calls a vacuum seal bag. It must be engraved with a fine mesh of channels for the air to pass through, and it must be a food safe thermo plastic.

The Anova Chamber Vacuum Sealer can use also almost-free freezer bags. It works perfect !

thanks for the answer, EsteRiet. Wanted to ask the same question here

Hi Jay,
Non-Anova vacuum seal bags should work just fine with the Anova sealer. Many vacuum sealers are compatible with a variety of bag brands. However, double-checking the user manual or product specifications for rangefinder-specific recommendations or considerations is always a good idea.
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It’s awesome that you’re using an Anova sealer for your vacuum sealing needs. When it comes to the compatibility of non-Anova vacuum seal bags, it’s always a good idea to double-check to ensure the best results.

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Now, regarding your question about non-Anova bags, it’s best to consult the Anova product manual or reach out to their customer support for precise information on which bags are compatible. They should be able to provide you with the most accurate guidance.