Generic Bags for Sealer Pro?

Just ordered a Vacuum Sealer Pro, and I wondered if it will work with “regular” vacuum seal bags, or if I have to buy the bags from Anova.

There are two types of regular bags. Ones for edge sealer and one for chamber vacuum sealers. You want bags for edge sealing vacuum sealers. Any bag with a texture like foodsaver or any number of models off Amazon will work.

Fantastic – thanks!

I’ve been using bags from Amazon for a couple years. Saves money and they work just fine

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Which ones are you using, @nestorph? The selection is overwhelming…

I’ve ordered from a couple over the years. Here’s a link to the latest one I used….

Premium!! VacYaYa 100 Pint 6 x 10 Inch Food Saver Freezer Vacuum Sealer Storage Bags Size for Food Saver,Vac Seal a Meal Bags with BPA Free and Heavy Duty Sous Vide Vaccume Safe PreCut Bag
by VacYaYa Direct
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