ANOVA Bag Sealer Pro ordered at Milady Wife’s behest.

We spent seven hours on the road today, round trip to our car dealership getting an estimate on deer hit damage. Lots of time to talk.

She has found a potatoes SV recipe (190ºF for 60 minutes). I expressed my concerns with chunky foods and she readily agreed to an ANOVA BSP. I’m not gonna argue, “Yes dear!”

I worked with an O-6 Captain Commanding Officer that was finishing his PhD in management, and that taught and commanded using clever keywords and tricky phrases. A favorite, “A wise man knows the right answer when he hears it!. Yes dear. Yessir!

Our ANOVA Bag Sealer Pro has arrived and I have used it a few times. Using the provided bag material has been successful providing I don’t allow a wrinkle in the sealer band.

No attempt to vacuum and seal a ZipLoc has been successful. I have not yet tried Saran Cling Wrap.

I was trying to be frugal - stingy with th proper bag material and sealing as close as possible to the bagged item, but that caused a wrinkle in the sealer.

When I do try Saran I will twist the ‘bag’ shut and put the twist in the sealer.

Hi Douglas, long ago this cook acquired the habit of double sealing both bag ends from roll material. After making the first seal slightly adjust the material and make the second seal. Never had a seal failure 40+ years of SV.

You have probably wasted your money on the Anova sealer if you persist on being mired in frugality with your materials. I knew a cook that saved the light weight plastic sleeves from plastic beverage cups for SV packaging. He used the hot edge of the grill and a straw as his vacuum sealer.

You want to have the top and bottom sides being the same length going into the sealer. If you are encountering wrinkles in the material adjust the height of the item being sealed by putting an inverted plate beneath it.