How to use rolls?

When ordering my Anova precision vacuum sealer, I thought I ordered extra bags. Turned out I ordered a box of 2 rolls. Searching YouTube, I never found a video telling me how to make bags from these rolls of plastic. Can someone point me to a video? (I’m a visual learner, and at 68, I don’t think I’m gonna change!) :smile:


Nobody has answered yet, so I’ll offer up a couple suggestions.

The rolls allow you to create a bag of your own dimensions…bigger cut of meat, bigger bag etc.

You can roughly “size” your bag depending on the size of your steak, fish filet etc., leaving a few inches extra so you can fold back the top and avoid sauces, spices from interfering with your seal.

After cutting the roll according to the size you want, you simply seal one end, fold back the bag on the other end and insert your item to cook. Then, unfold the bag and seal that end.

See: Vacuum Sealing Guide for Sous Vide Cooking – Using Your Suvie

FoodSaver has this little demo on YouTube:

Example of folded “cuffs” on the food loading end of the bags (I usually make them a little bigger than this.)

Thank you very much. This is helpful! :slight_smile:

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I don’t think the question was how do you create a seal on a bag using a Foodsaver, but rather the Anova Chamber Precision. If anyone has any info, it would be appreciated.