Why no details?

Why won’t Anova tell how many bags in a package? Also, for the rolls, how many feet per roll and how many rolls in a package? This is really annoying and definitely not forthright. Appears to be intended to prevent comparison shopping!

I honestly don’t think that’s the case david, they just seem a bit (well worse than a bit) crap at proof reading, lazily assuming that the forum regulars will pick up all the slack / detritus thrown around (as they don’t monitor their own forum & catch the incoming queries et al.

If you look at the details / spec for the CHAMBER vacuum there is a lot missing there (I used the chat facility on the RHS to do this, again not great, hit & miss depending on who you get as to efficacy (friendly heads up) have a look & see what I mean, they are at least consistent on this front.

(e.g internal height, how big a bread roll it will take, sort of thing, unless they’ve fixed the page up that is)

Good luck with your query (obtaining a speedy answer to a simple question eh)

I just went shopping for ANOVA Vacuum bags, to see 19 feet in an 11” roll, and 50 pre cut bags in a box. That said, I use whatever bag rolls are at my grocery, and make my bags much - half again as long as needed.

You won’t find complete information on the Anova website for the rolls or the bags. The image on the website shows two rolls and does indicate dimensions of 11" x 19.6’, but it doesn’t say if two rolls are included and that is for each roll or if it is the total amount per order. Likewise, the website does not tell how many bags are included per order. The information may be on the boxes, but the website does not show the boxes.