In search of good large format vacuum bags

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I searched for existing threads on this topic, but to no avail (perhaps my search-fu is weak, but I couldn’t find anything). So, that said…

I had what I would call a success this past weekend SVing a 10.76 lb pork shoulder for 24 hours at 165ºF, followed by 4 hours in a smoker at 300ºF with some applewood chunks. It was the most tender and moist smoked anything I’ve ever had. However, since I didn’t have any vacuum bags large enough to accommodate the shoulder I was forced to SV it in the vacuum pack it came in. The next time I’d like to either brine or inject the meat (maybe even both) prior to the SV bath, so I’m in search of some resealable vacuum bags that are large enough to hold a roast of that size. My FoodSaver GameSaver Deluxe can only handle 11" wide rolls, so I need bags that I can use the hose attachment on…but so far I’ve not been able to find any such thing.

If worse came to worse I could just use a really large zip-loc freezer bag (assuming I can find any that big), but would prefer something that I can properly vacuum if possible.

So what, if anything, are others here using for this purpose?

ETA: Does anyone know if these FoodSaver 11"x2’ expandable bags are large enough for an 11 lb pork roast like I describe?

They’re a little pricey, but if they work I’d be willing to eat the expense, in spite of being the equivalent of increasing the cost of the meat by over $0.54 / lb.

Hey @Ember @Walter_Ego @Kquim @acs - any suggestions for vacuum bags?

Afraid I buy from eBay and that’s a little bit hit and miss. I buy rolls rather than the pre-cut bags. Fortunately I’ve only really had one lot that have been complete duds, which I figure isn’t too bad in 3 years of buying them.

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i just use an aldi sealer and aldi rolls/bags, but they can hold some very large pieces of meat. rolls can hold bigger meat than bags.

There might be some bags out there that you can attach the accessory hose to, but you have to be careful with the type of valve on the bag. Some of the bags that are designed to be pumped down by a hand-held foodsaver or by similar means utilize a “valve” that is not much more than a piece of flexible plastic that is glued to the bag. While that design is fine in the refrigerator or freezer, when exposed to heat, it could easily fail at the glue or the plastic just bends open.

If it were me, I’d just cut the shoulder in half and use two bags. Bonus is that your cook time is shorter and when you finish it in the smoker, you get more surface area which means more bark.

I’ve gone so far as to quarter a butt before smoking so that I get a higher bark to meat ratio when shredding.

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Valid points regarding the valves on reusable bags, and I’m already leaning toward trying the expandable ones anyway (by the roll though, rather than the more-expensive-per-unit individuals).

I too buy my bags by the roll. This gives me a good deal of flexibility. Cutting a large piece of meat into more manageable pieces is a route I take as well. I also use the bags for other than sous vide and being able to go small also saves a little on cost as well as space.

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