Bag split disaster


Have done a few 18 hour cooks just over 70°c and suffered a couple of bag splits but this weekend I attempted a short rib at 82°c for 24 hours. The bottom of the bag completely went and my water bath became stock.

In Australia using Hercules jumbo storage bags and have tried other big name brands. Does anyone have any experience and advice on what bags can be used over 70°c?

Do I have to go to vacuum seal? They are expensive and any recommendations?

Read reviews of Stasher reusable bags which seem generally bad.

Please help


I use Stasher bags and like them, but they are small so not suitable for most things that would require a long cook. I use vacuum sealing for anything that will have a long cook.

But you are using quite high temperatures and expecting the Hercules bags (which are not actually heat rated) to hold up.

I have good success with freezer bags which have better lock and are thicker than storage bags.

Hi @Paulske
So sorry to hear about your “accidental stock pot”! I wish I were familiar with the bag selection available in Australia but I live in the US. What I would suggest is that sometimes it’s worth double bagging to help prevent just such an occurrence. A second bag should give that protection but still allow heat diffusion into your food as long as you do a decent job of getting the air out. I’m using Foodsaver vacuum packer for most things, but am having good luck with Ziploc brand freezer bags for lower temp cooks. Good luck finding the brand and style of bag that works best for you!

I bought a Luvele vacuum sealer, which has worked well for me:

You can get the bag rolls on eBay very cheaply. Just make sure you get ones that are BPA free.

I prefer vacuum sealer bags personally. They are thicker, therefore less prone to punctures from bones, and I also double seal the ends. They are not that expensive really.

I’m with @gbak - I always double seal the ends on my vacuum sealer bags! Costs nothing to better ensure a good seal!