Ziploc bags for long sous vide sessions

I’ve read in some forums that ziploc bags have a tendency to leak after 10+ hours. Has anyone tried doing a long sous vide (10+ hours) with a ziploc bag?


Beef eye of round for 36 hours in a gallon zip lock. Brined in same bag for 24 hours.

No issues. I always use a new bag, no point risking food cost & time invested to save pennies. Don’t be casual with seal; check & recheck!

(Bye the way beef was excellent!!)

ah ok cool - yeah i tried a 16 hour sous vide of a short rib and the ziploc bag stayed intact.

Thanks for the reply!

As long as you are using freezer bags, both Hefty and Ziplock should be fine. For higher temperature cooking, (i.e: vegetables or chicken thighs ), you might wish to consider using mylar, (polyester), bags, or use a vacuum sealer. Thriftyvac sells reasonable quantities of the quart sized mylar bags at 17 cents per, plus shipping. They are really tough bags and can take high temperatures. www (n.b. : I have no connection to Thriftyvac, other than being a customer).

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@JordanHouston thanks! will check out this thread!

I use Zip-Loc brand freezer bags and have gone as long as six days with no issues (96-hour brine cure followed by a 48-hour cook) - evacuated using the "water displacement" method.  Considering the value of your effort (and the food in the bags) I would not skimp on the bags and risk a bad outcome.  I have a vacuum sealer but I haven't bothered trying it for this since the Zip-Locs work so well.