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I got an APC for my birthday and am keen to start but I’m agonising over what zip lock bags to purchase in the UK.

I know you can purchase proper sous vide zip bags online (, which I will probably do anyway, but I was hoping to pop into a shop to get some on my home so I can try cooking fillet steak tonight. I know places like Tesco & Lakeland sell zip lock bags but they are described as freezer bags and I’m worried they are not suitable for water bath cooking. I’m also a little sceptical of buying expensive “sous vide” bags, when there are probably cheaper alternatives that will suffice.

Basically, what I’m after is a recommendation from someone that knows a shop (in London) that I can purchase sous vide -safe zip bags that I can use tonight.

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For lower temperatures such as for steak, just about any bag that closes reliably will do. For general use, get freezer grade bags. Those will work for anything you cook.

Hi Richard

Thanks for confirming that. I was concerned about two things (a) whether freezer bags could withstand the heat of the hot water, and (b) whether the bags use chemicals that could be absorbed by the food.

I admit I’ve been needlessly stressing / obsessing over this, and glad to finally resolve my concern.



Everyone goes through the same concerns when starting out Philip.

I’d be inclined to suggest, rather than investing in the more expensive sous vide bags down the track have a look at a couple of reusable silicon bags. Nicer for the planet and all that. :slight_smile: At the moment Anova have a partnership with Stasher and are recommending their silicon bags for sous vide. Currently there is only a small bag available, suitable for a small steak or a chicken thigh, but they will be producing larger bags soon.

Enjoy the fun and experimentation.

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