What type of bags do you use?

What type of bags or packaging does everyone in here primarily use for sous vide?

  • Reusable silicone bags
  • Vacuum bags
  • Freezer bags
  • Storage bags
  • Other

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If “other” what kind of bag?

Err…I use both reusable silicon and vacuum seal rolls.

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Primarily I use freezer bags.

For long cooks (12 + hours) I will use a vacuum bag

For my “Other” option, whole eggs go straight into the water

Have had success with canning jars but still prefer the freezer bags.

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So far I used IKEA Ziplock freezing bags (ISTAD) with satisfying results (at cheap price!).
Now I read product specification (http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/20339284/#food ) and IKEA guarantees they withstand temperature up to 122F (50C). All recipes I made were for temperature closer to 140F. I can say apparently it was ok, but how do I know if it’s actaully safe?

Thanks for your feedback!

Best Regards

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ISTAD is a “bioplastic” bag, made mostly out of fibres from sugar cane waste. I tried finding material safety data sheets for it, but came up empty. If you tried the bags, and there was no overt smell or flavour problem, it’s probably OK. Probably…

In the absence of any real data, we don’t know. Just because it’s “natural” or “bio-friendly” or “recyclable” does not mean that it’s safe. Just as much as an organically grown Death Cap is “natural” and will kill you regardless.

I’d give Ikea a call and ask. They might be able to point you at an MSDS or have other useful info. Just tell them that you want to use the bags for sous vide and that they might be in the water for several hours at near boiling temperature, and see what they say.

If you learn anything interesting, please let us know!


I’d probably contact them and ask them for more information about their bags! Definitely let us know what they say.

What kind of dishes/recipes to prefer to use the canning jars for?

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I’ve used canning jars to make creme brûlée and those Starbucks eggbites. Was hoping to try the bean recipe soon.

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Need a poll that allows choosing two or more packages. If the poll does’t allow for multiple response, then need a “some of the above” and “all of the above” choices. :wink:

Depending on what I’m cooking, I’ll go with freezer zipper bags, vacuum bags or small canning jars. But never storage bags.

For “other” if the food already comes in a sealed “drop in boiling water” or “place unopened in the oven” bag, it usually goes right into the pot with the cooker.

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Me too

@MaxLaChat Trueeeee. Note taken for the next poll lol. I actually thought about that when it was time for me to vote! I typically switch between reusable silicone bag and freezer bags. Sometimes I use canning jars.

Canning jars are the bees knees for anything with a high fluid content… like… say… bacon vodka. :smile:

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I primarily use vacuum bags since most of the time I’m cooking meat that I’ve bought in bulk and cut down into smaller pieces and froze them. I found a good deal on Amazon (https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01H3S99M6/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o08_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1) for a variety pack of 150 bags (50 each of pint, quart, and gallon) for $25 and have been very happy with them.

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That is a great question!
As I shared once before in the community, I actually use a reusable plastic bags that are pretty much similar to Ziplock but way better because they can be vacuumed using a hand pump.

Those are the bags I’m referring to, it comes in a kit with everything needed, highly recommended!

Edit - seems like they provide 25% discount now on their Facebook page - https://www.facebook.com/SoVideCooking/

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Any specific bags to use for vegetables? I’ve had a few mishaps using the local freezer bags here. Don’t have access to Ziploc either. The bags here tend to break after a while at high heat. Have given up hope on sv vegetables at the meantime till there are alternatives :sob:

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Hi cZc - not sure if you saw my previous comment to this post but I’ve used the kit that I published for vegetables as well and it worked great.

Really? I’ve used freezer bags for vegetables and never had an issue. I’m assuming the bag breaking has more to do with the brand, than it being just freezer bags.

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Yes, I’ve checked it and sadly the first note on it says “This item does not ship to Malaysia”. Might try and source it from somewhere else then. Thanks.

Yes, most definitely the brand. The best bag I got here is “Glads” and it was ok but getting hard to look for… Tried other so called freezer bags and disaster followed…

Oh sorry didn’t know that.