API in 2021?

Please, please, PLEASE provide an API. I have a lot of home automation, including a wall-mounted tablet in the kitchen that acts as a dashboard. Here’s a use case where an API would be wonderful:

I’m the nerd (food and otherwise). My wife and I have experimented and come up with a few great recipes for bread that she makes over and over again. Because they are multi-step recipes, every time my wife wants to make bread, she has to ask me to start the program. I would love to put a button on the kitchen dashboard for “Bake bread” or “Bake rolls” where it would just kick off the program.

In that same vein, the UI on the control panel is (understandably) a bit weak. If I want to broil something after a low-temp steaming, I need to hold down the temp + to turn it way, set the top burner, remember to unset the convection burner, and turn the steam to 0%. I would put a “Broil” button on my kitchen dashboard to just do that for me.

Please give me an API!

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Please extend to other countries, e.g. the EU :wink: thanks

Don’t forget about Japan, please. It doesn’t need to have Japanese language support, just allow the skill to be listed…

API in 2022? :person_facepalming: :rofl:

Bumping this up. Please know, Anova, that the Venn diagram of food-nerds and nerd-nerds is practically concentric circles.

If the timeframe for an API is too long, here are some things that could help scratch the itch in the meantime:

  • Make the Alexa skill good. Include commands for temperature, steam percent, and heating element, as well as on and off. We could use a tool like Voice Monkey to fake an API.
  • Make the app good. Make it faster. Put what I want to do on the default page (use your analytics to see what people do most). Allow me to put Widgets for recipes on my Android home screen.

But please, release and API.