API in 2021?

I have been using my oven for about half a year now, but I am a bit frustrated that ~5 years after the question turned up on the forum for the first time there still isn’t any information about API access. It doesn’t have to be much and I do geht that it might be security issue if you could start an oven you don’t own, but at least make some read only data available - it doesn’t even have to be much, a simple steam/temperature set/current would be enough to integrate the oven into a smarthome in a meaningful way (starts air purifier when broiling, etc). That would not pose any security issue at all, not interfer with any of the existing apps, etc, could be implemented within one hour of programming work and make many people happy!

APO responds to Alexa


Will pass this along to the team for feedback. There are no plans to open the API at this time.