API in 2021?

I have been using my oven for about half a year now, but I am a bit frustrated that ~5 years after the question turned up on the forum for the first time there still isn’t any information about API access. It doesn’t have to be much and I do geht that it might be security issue if you could start an oven you don’t own, but at least make some read only data available - it doesn’t even have to be much, a simple steam/temperature set/current would be enough to integrate the oven into a smarthome in a meaningful way (starts air purifier when broiling, etc). That would not pose any security issue at all, not interfer with any of the existing apps, etc, could be implemented within one hour of programming work and make many people happy!

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APO responds to Alexa


Will pass this along to the team for feedback. There are no plans to open the API at this time.

An API with auth is quite simple to implement? This could be useful for commercial type setups where multiple ovens are being controlled. It could also be a great home automation angle for Anova.

Are you able to share a list of customer initiated feature requests like this?

hey Alex! We have definitely heard the feedback for an API. Right now it’s not part of the roadmap, but we will always pass along that feedback!

Is your roadmap something that could be shared?


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Good question! Lemme find out what we can share!

I’m a new owner, yet to do my first cook, but it surprises me that there isn’t some sort of API available.

If a fully featured API is too hard/too low priority/too uninteresting for the developers could they at least consider adding support for serving up a status page in html or json? Presumably something like this is already used in development and enabling it in a production release of the firmware should be almost trivial.

Not in the UK - the Alexa ‘skill’ isn’t available here.

Nor for Japan…

A road map would be great. Any update on this I heard mention of a more powerful steam only mode at some point.

Hey Tim. No updates or time table on an API. It is not part of the roadmap. The steam preset has been added to the APO app!

On the cooking issues podcast, Scott Heimendinger mentioned that the steam function currently does not use all of its 1300 watt power due to current limits and they might consider a dedicated mode that disables the other elements allowing the boiler to use the full power. This is what I was referring to not the quick options. Also if you guys aren’t gonna release an API you need to seriously improve the app right now that’s the devices biggest weakness simply opening a recipe can take over a minute to load because it downloads every single image before opening.

The steam function was improved via firmware with the launch of the quick start options. We will look into the load speed! Thanks for flagging that.

i know you’re worried about liability and don’t want to spend dev dollars on features that don’t give you ROI, but come on.

at least give us an endpoint on the local network (httpd on wifi) that returns the current oven status. i’d like to see ALL sensors. just a simple thing that returns json or xml would be fine. this would be so trivial to implement, and it would earn you a lot of nerd karma. i don’t see how this would increase your liability, either. please reconsider!

if you gave me access to this, i’d log cook data and ingest it into grafana or something. i’d love it.


Maybe it’s time to start working on a hacked firmware/reverse engineering the api…

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bumping for initiative.

please give us an endpoint to query and pull ALL sensor data.

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Not here it doesn’t. There is no Anova skill available in Australia and a lot of other countries. I’ve asked Cole about it in another thread but he has not responded.

Hey Tony! Unfortunately at this time it is US only. Can look into what it would take to extend that. Appreciate it!

Not that you need it, but here’s another vote/request for an API. It would be amazing to have a finer control of the oven.

If not for a full control, it would be great to at least extract some “stats for nerds”. It doesn’t even need to be live, a time series of the different temperature sensors after cooking is done would help a great deal to experiment and adapt to the oven.