APO Overheating?

First time user of the APO (except for the initial heating set up and throwing some toast in to see what happened). Made bagels this morning following the recipe and instructions from the APO app. The initial proofing in SV mode went smoothly, then the steaming in SV at 212 was fine (seemed as though there was no steam but I think I did not have enough water in the tank), BUT the final baking at 392deg, 30% humidity was disastrous. I’m not sure if this was a user error somehow, but the temperature continued to climb and climb well beyond the 392 it was set to. I know that temps will fluctuate, but I was trying to see how bad it would get. It kept going up to 420 with a glowing rear heating element and faint smoke coming from the rear OUTSIDE of the unit. I tried opening the door and closing it to see if it would re-set or it just needed to come down, but again, the temp climbed. I double-checked the handle indicators and my temp was correctly set at 392. Suggestions or advice?

Contact customer support. Do not use oven.

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