Oven temp higher than setting

Hi there, just got this bad boy last night. Made wings. Excellent. But. Condensation in oven door that has left dried unsightly residue. Flickering light . The app crapped out a couple of times so I had to delete and reinstall. Set temp on app for 140, but oven at 158 or higher. I changed it both on the door and on the app but no effect. So I stopped the cooking altogether and restarted with new info. Now seems to be slowly dropping to desired temp. Yes, I’ve sent an email to support.

I see the same problems. I even have a timer that starts, then resets then starts again. Temps higher than set point. Not exactly precision anything. I have emailed support as well

Since there are multiple “modes” it might help to be specific when sharing experiences. Like what temp, sous vide, what burner choice, target or probe, timer or no timer, steam and what percentage, set on oven or app etc.

I think there can be some confusion when changing modes and whether the set temp is the desired temp at the food or temp in the oven.

Yes of course. You’re right. Thank you for telling me gently. :slight_smile: