APO races through custom (user-created) staged recipe

I just finished creating a 4-stage recipe to do an initial Sous Vide Express to a lower internal temp followed by an equilibrium Sous Vide to final temp.

My steps are as follows:

  1. Sous Vide, 100% steam, 58.0C, Rear
  2. 43.9C Probe Target
  3. Sous Vide, 100% steam, 53.0C, Rear
  4. 53.9C Probe Target

(* Note: I know step 4 is higher than the target oven temp, but the App does not seem to retain temps beyond the decimal point - i.e.: I actually entered in 53.9C in the app for the oven temp in step 3…)

Anyway whenever I launch this custom recipe, it immediately goes through to finish and says it’s done. (Note: I previously had the oven running and so the probe temp was already over 43.9C but far below 53.9C.)

When I look at what probe temp it was targeting in the app’s history, it seems to have been aiming for the 43.9C target of step 2 w/o ever loading in the new target at step 4 of 53.9C. Clearly this is a bug, no, and if not, please inform or advise.

Did you set the timers for each step?

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Hi DeeCS,

Rather than use the timers, I setup the recipe based upon reaching target temperatures on the probe. Either way it should’ve worked and am a bit stumped why it didn’t. But most likely it’s a bug given that it wasn’t even looking to reach the 4th step target probe temp and instead used the target probe temp from step 2.

Dumb question (at which, I am told, I am an expert): Is your oven by any chance set to Fahrenheit rather than Celsius?

This def seems like a bug somewhere! I will pass this along to the team for investigation.

Many thanks, and look forward to hearing what they might find…

In the meantime I’ll likely re-run my recipe again to see if it behaves any different the second time around. If so it might suggest that perhaps my starting conditions when it failed on me (of the probe temp already meeting the target temp in step #2) may have been significant, though won’t know until I re-run the recipe.

I’ve been keeping my APO on Celcius mode throughout, and my recipes entered that way as well.

While anything’s possible w/a software bug, I doubt that’s the issue as the APO was clearly targeting the old target probe temp from step #2 rather than the new target probe temp from step #4. Hard to imagine such a bug being influenced by one’s choice of temperature units…

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I get the same behaviour when running your example , if I use decimal values for temperature. Running it at 44 and 54 C probe temperatures was ok.
Also, it took several attempts to successfully enter decimal temps, often entering 43,9 gave 4,3 and so on.
Also, it seems that one can only use 1 degree steps in the app, a bit odd since you can use 0,1 degrees on the handle. On the IC its the other way around, 0,5 on the stick and 0,1 steps in the app. I’m not sure that I’ll ever need that resolution but I would prefer it to be like it’s on the stick

Where are direction and information on making user-created recipes?

In the Anova Oven app, you can enter time, temp, select temp, steam percentage, etc and then save those settings as a recipe. It’s fairly intuitive, just click to add directions, steps, and photos if you choose.