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Hey folks, I’ve been struggling with the APO app. I’m sure it’s a simple matter but I haven’t been able to figure out how to change a set point after the cook has started, or how to copy a recipe from the ones already in the app so I can customize it. Plus putting in a timer in the correct place doesn’t work the way I expect.

I’m also wondering what happens when I put my own recipes in. Are they public?

I could really use a guide. Is there one? I see six months ago something like this was promised but I can’t find it.

Hi @Cynd57

welcome. I’m fairly new here too.

On changing a set point after starting a cook - I have not found a way to do this. I stop the cook, change the setting, and restart. Not such a problem if it was a preheating step.

Timer - as far as I know the timer is associated with the current step being set.

For example, in a preheat step, the timer in that step will start when the oven reaches the set point (timer starts ‘when preheated’). That is unless you set the timer option to ‘manual’. In which case it will hold the setting until you start the timer. For example, after putting your food in the oven.
The other non-default option ‘immediately’ I’ve not used. Though I can imagine it might be helpful where the oven is at a desired setting like 200 Celsius, no steam and you want to change from rear heat to top and rear to brown something more on the top.

Guide? I watched the introductory video series and I’ve just tried some cooks and then made some very simple programs. I’ll add that it took me a while to figure out how to reorder steps when I got them in the wrong order in a recipe. It turned out to be fairly obvious, just two steps instead of the one I’d expected.

Unsure if they’re automatically made community accessible. I’m hoping not as my ‘reheat croissants’ recipe is…very basic.

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Thanks for the tips! I’ve done most of these things, but I still could use a guide. I did find info about changing settings after a cook has started, in a comment by Scott Heimendinger in one of the recipes:

“ For any recipe, you can modify the cook settings by starting the recipe then going to the Oven tab in the app. Cook temperatures, steam levels, etc. are all available for override.”

I tried that on my last cook but it didn’t work (couldn’t change any settings), possibly due to the probe having already reached the set point temperature.

I did get an answer from Anova chat about the recipe saving: your recipe is private to you until you share it publicly. There was no indication of how to share it publicly and I can’t find any way to do it, so I guess you are safe there.

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Thanks. I found out how to change the settings during a cook after your post on it.
Press the > on the current stage. The stage opens up and you can change the settings.

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Thank you! I’ll give it a try next cook.

Hello! Right now your recipes are only viewable to yourself. We are exploring public publishing in the future!

As far as a guide, what specifically are you looking for? Happy to help! The educational videos in the app are helpful, as well as the guide that comes with the oven.

Well, those items I mentioned in my first post would be nice:

  • How to copy a recipe in the app so I can make my own edits. For instance, some of your recipes indicate a range of doneness and I’d like to make a copy and change the target probe temp to the one that works best for me, without recreating the whole recipe from scratch.

  • How to edit actual conditions of the oven after a recipe has started. (I did get an answer to that one by mining the comment sections of some of the recipes. It didn’t work when I tried it but I’ll try again.)

  • A step-by-step guide to creating a recipe from scratch would help. I kept getting the timer and some of the settings on the wrong step and had to delete multiple steps to get the recipe the way I wanted it. It seemed confusing and complicated. The user above (@prettygreenparrot) has offered some insights; maybe they could be incorporated in the guide.

Maybe something as simple as an FAQ specifically for the app would suffice. For what it’s worth, I did watch all the videos but I don’t recall seeing any app help in them.

Looking for tips on how to reorder those steps in a custom recipe. I can’t figure out how to do it. After choosing the reorder option, I’ve tried tapping and long pressing the number, step title, and the lines off to the right as well as dragging but nothing seems to be happening. What am I missing?

A good App that allows users to do what they need to do … so the ball is not on your side

The app feels like an early alpha version. If they have no interest in improving it they should do it open source. This would give a boost to oven sales too.

Strange, it works for me. Press Reorder, drag the stage you want to move to where you want it, drag it by the 4 horizontal lines up to the right.

Click Reorder, then click the hamburger menu (four horizontal lines) and slide. Super easy to re-order!

Thank you so much!!! It worked! I thought I’d tried that but mabye I wasn’t quite centered on the lines before. Anyway, it worked! Thank you!!!

This function is available!