APO App - my wishlist

The oven app seems a good starting point, but looks a bit like an early Alpha. What I like to see:

In Activity>My Recipes I like to copy a recipe
Sometimes I try variations to an oven setting and I don’t want to type in everything again.

In Activity>My Recipes remove the image spaceholder
Even you don’t use an image, the blank space is shown. Typically I believe most people don’t want images in their own recipes. Looks like a coding error.

Like to have an optional end of stage acoustical alarm!
Reason: some recipes require immediate action after a stage is finished (bread is a good example - need to pen door after steam stage - it MUST go out right away after finish). And because of the App people tend to move away from the APO and do other stuff, forgetting the oven.

Find a way to access Activity>My Recipes from the web
It’s more convenient to type than from the phone.

Find a way to share recipes/oven settings
Would be great for websites, blogs. QR codes could be a way.

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Appreciate the thoughtful feedback!

Any schedule for the next update? Currently it’s very inconvenient to use. Some fixes can be done pretty quick, that annoying empty image space holder i.e.

Copying recipes, web access for your recipes, and sharing are on the roadmap, but we don’t have dates at this time. A few things are intentional, such as image placeholder. The App will also notify you with a notification if you are away from the oven in place of an acoustic tone. I can pass along this feedback to the the team!

I too find it uncomfortable inputting recipes on the phone… It would be great to access and input my recipes from the web interface.
Is there a way to pause a cook schedule, rather than stop? I made the mistake of stopping and there is no way to restart in the middle of a recipe… I had to manually type in the next steps of the bagel recipe to finish them…frustrating, but I am new to trying to use this.

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