Bookmarked recipe in the Anova oven app are not visible when logging in to the platform

Hi, I want to use my PC to manage recipes. However, any recipe that I have bookmarked in the app is not visible as such in the browser.

P.S. another annoyance is that I need two apps to manage my anova devices and recipes (nano and APO), it’s happened too often that I spent too much time trying to find a recipe I’ve seen on either of the two apps.


I have another complaint about the recipes. They don’t have a “print” option, and a printable format. In order for me to print the recipes so I can 3 hole punch and put them in my binders, I have to copy them and then take out all the extra “stuff” and the spacing. It’s a real time-consuming pain in the neck! I don’t want to have to go to the computer every time I want to repeat that recipe, and I’m now too old to remember recipes. These days, I look up recipes I’ve been cooking or baking for almost 80 years. (Yes, I baked my first cake alone at age 6). Pretty much all other cooking sites on the internet allow you to choose a “print” option and then remove all the pretty photos and extraneous comments. And please don’t tell me to “use the app.”

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+1 on the web/desktop support for APO recipe creation/management.

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+1 twice - to manage in browser & have printable format option