Accessing my APO recipes from the Desk Top

Is there going to be a way to Access the recipes that I have created or be able to create new recipes via my desk top? It seems that it would be a lot easier to create and set up stages from the keyboard of my desktop rather than the App.


I asked about that after I bought the oven. The response was that they were not making a version that would work with my windows desktop/laptop. So I had to go and buy a frigging IPad to use the “app”

I had hoped they would appear in like the APC receipts appear in when you decide to publish them

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Great question! You can not access or create them on the website at this time. We appreciate the feedback!

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If you have current Android device and Windows 10 up to date you can use “your phone” to have the app open on your windows desktop. If you have a Samsung phone, you can run DEX. I haven’t tried the app in DEX yet, but most work. Motorola has a similar function.

Windows 11 will supposedly run Android apps, but not clear if you will be able to install from the Play store or just Amazon app store and side load yet.

For Android, I think there are options now or soon. For iOS, not so much…

But a Chromebook would also work and be a lot simpler - I assumed the OP wanted keys instead of “touches” and more screen estate


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Chrimebook: I agree, but you had already said that, so I was giving other options for things they potentially already have. For instance I have these other options, plus a couple of Android tablets that can work with Keyboard and Mouse, but I don’t have a Chrome book.

So I have an I pad and an Iphone my point is to be able to use windows to Edit and type in the stages just like I can with the Anova circulators. Not to buy yet another piece of equipment or a new computer.

This is needed just like you have it for the Circulator recipes. I want to be able to use my large screen and keyboard to create new or modify recipes.

We appreciate that feedback! Will pass that along to the team!

can we really still not view/edit/manage recipes on desktop? wow :frowning:

Not yet! Hope to introduce this feature soon

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