Where to add comments

Where does on add comments, corrections or input to Precision Oven application recipes?

From within the app when viewing the recipe.

It would be ‘very nice’ if one could use their browser and type in comments. I’m really bad/slow at thumbing in text.

Also, typing on the app on my iPhone does not seem to allow for scrolling down for comments more than 4-5 lines or more.

Right now commenting is only avail via the app, but will be coming to web soon!

Sorry for being late to this thread, but if the web option that Cole refers to is not running yet (and I don’t know) there is another option for some users. I’m running all android devices and a PC with Microsoft programs on the PC (Surface Pro 4). Microsoft offers an app that connects my phone to my computer and lets me access and use all my phone apps on my computer. It’s really convenient as I’m also not a good “thumb typer”! Anything beyond a few words I can easily do on my computer, including creating recipes in the Anova app. It may not be available in all cases, but it works well for me!

Thanks, Happycook. This fixes my issue of trying to unlock my phone while cooking in order to get back to the recipe or initiate the next step of a cook cycle. Nothing worse than trying to unlock your phone and your fingerprint isn’t recognized because you’ve been busy doing food prep and your hands are all wet.

I’ve been debating on whether I should buy a dedicated tablet to keep in the kitchen for APO and recipe duties. This trick may be all I need.