Comments box (below recipes), do we only have "value" if we are Farcebook plebs?

Because I’m not on farcebook, my net browser (duck duck go) auto blocks them (cannot blame it) however as a comment portal from this site it seems preposterous that it is limited to those idiots.

Appreciate the feedback! Will definitely pass this along to the right teams.

I do not have a facebook account and I use duck duck go as well, and I see comments here, or did I not understand your issue?

Can you leave comments, on this sites recipe section (app) or not?

I cannot leave comments, whether inclined too or not, it appears both linked & limited to those invested in face book (presumably for the maximum data profit)

Our recipes site comments are currently using the FB comment plug in, so you would need a FB account to comment. This site here, our community forum, does not use FB accounts.