What's up with all these mount / clamp issues

My chat in full… started monday 31st July, & latterly “went dark, limp & unresponsive”

" dys

July 31

Just left this on the forum you neglect too much …because your useless “fix” only served to create MORE problems, …i’m really not happy, nor are many experiencing a wall of silence on there from yourselves, or being cut off when trying to phone your advertised number, or wondering when stock of badly designed components in need of warranty replacement are coming back into stock, or wondering what happens now (because their plague ridden oven is out of warranty & has never worked properly from new) …my problem is quoted below, I have already replied to an email about the clamp issue (APC) …"Crappy pseudo-design fix problems again…

So I had emailed @anovaculinary about how absolutely pish the pot clamp is, very unsatisfactory reply received…

Carried on trying to use the " new" clamp, it droops, the pot support doesn not bear the weight (via the pin point cheapness of it compared to the spread of the older type) therefore this happened…

Whilst soft cooking eggs the droop & action of the eggs moving around in the water stream sagged enough to vibrate the impeller cap off!? …I came back into the kitchen to hear it (the impeller) banging the pot. …turned off, checked the tightness which was MAXXED OUT as normal) …the clamp is merely contemptible ill thought garbage (no, the impeller shield was on correctly, it is hard not to get it wrong)

Possible damage to impeller incurred (no idea of time it had sat banging, & juddering) & machine in general.

CANNOT tighten any more than I have, it does not hold sufficiently, it is crap design, (like the oven) that failed to improve on what went before with good reason, it is a stripped down flooded basement “fix” that causes as many if not MORE problems because it is utter garbage!

Anova i’m disgusted at both the response I got from you & the lack of comms you make here. …don’t ever go into making nuclear breeder reactors boasting “science experience” with cooking, …seems you cannot get that right!

The problem occured due to the “droop” creating vibration contact, strong enough to dislodge the impeller cap.

Your lack of customer care pushing out garbage like this is how you wish to be known? …then you deserve to sink without a trace.

Get on here & talk people round by having a proper presence & contactibility, not the garbage you contract out.

TO all purchasers seeing reviews, it would help people make up their minds by leaving comments as to the product AND the service, because when you pay premium you expect decent service solutions, not what we get here.

I will re-glue my old clamp (original) & maybe 3d print a wider contact to likely reduce the half-assed replacement unit design problem by 40%":triumph:

3:43 pm

Give the team a way to reach you:

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Hi there! Thanks for reaching out.

I am really sorry to hear this. :frowning:

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I will also let the team know regarding your comments / feedback for future reference and improvement of our products and services.

You NEED to get onto the forum & answer peoples complaints, the lack of contact outside of emails is what has caused the wider problem there, what can you do for me about that? …it is a one sided “community” that anova ignores.

Are you able to pull up my contact email about the clamp? in it I questioned it even being the right unit (luckily I kept the packaging) …so is CS outsourced or straight into Anova hq offices & dealt with there? (because it is incredibly clumsy, & disjointed) for example to pursue a warranty query / claim, & despite having the original carton, despatch details etc …it was bodged in the first instance, frustrating as well as a questionable replacement to be perfectly honest. (had a replacement sent out in february 2023) uk despatch

So, the only way to get this replacement to hold is to overtighten it to the body of the APC whilst out of the water, as that facilitates extra tightening (newtons) compared to clamp remaining on the side of the pot, the droop also means that my previously tight seal around the unit no longer exists, it pulls the silicone lid open whereas it sat properly before.

In the email, I did question the knurl tighteners specifically as the grip & space around them is abysmal (possibly part of the overall problem too) …you don’t expect to have to remove the entire clamp to sort the seating of the APC, nor did I find anything suggesting this as the format to achieve best results, …the pin contact tightener for the pot is not doing what it should (thus the droop, it grips but “barely” …see the forum posts & do better, by that I mean get on there & assist people who are incurring trauma via generally crap software & poor design solutions. …what does it say about the design when you are better off repairing the original clamp & binning the replacement? #designfail & losing customer goodwillwhilst creating a cold room feel within your forum that others skim reading would take away from it “crap service & faceless company, AVOID”

August 1

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Can I please have your ticket number so I can follow-up with our return / exchange team?

Right now the forum needs attention as a priority, your company has let it go SLACK you can ask for whatever you need thereafter, what is the likely damage the impeller would have caused to internals “jack hammering” away like it did? …tell me what ticket number are you referring to?

Clamp was replaced 21 weeks ago (so messages say) I dealt with “Shermie” !?

August 2

someone needs to get on the forum & deal with complaints such as the one i’m going to link… Called Support Line -- they just hung up after 45 seconds - #5 by Douglas

I could go on… you see why someone should be keeping an eye on your boards? …it is damaging to let it run riot like this… the only Anova device i’d currently recommend to people is the larger vacuum chamber sealer, because you have not set software fools loose on that, …the oven is a disaster, I loaned a spare anova sous vide to a friend, who said “wow” …but I had to say don’t buy it, look at another brand for cheaper because what it does & what you get in terms of working software are 2 completely different things, …based on anova’s lack of attention to fixing pre-existing problems & simply forcing through more new product that is “smart” (if it worked 100%) but crashes & breaks all the time is not worth our friendship …because you cannot replace that when lost off the back of dodgy product.

So tp this day I am saying “sous vide is great” but you will end up using conflicting software / sites that load differently, display differently & sometimes HIDE detail, regardless of whether it says “alexa skills” & will have to use your smart phone to check doneness & timings then set time & temp by hand …& that is a terrible recommendation so many years in…

The whole looking up sales dates & other elements for a warranty claim is also incredibly archaic, for my previous unit i’d have been screwed if I hadn’t kept the outer packaging, why no online registration in this day & age to pull details based on a simple name, address etc?

Thing is, your staff comment about “passing stuff on” as a placation tool …a year later nothing has changed, I have included one thread like that in there at least… \anova needs to cut the BS & lead, after all we coughed up premium coin for a series of product that just don;t get support

I do come from a blue chip, design, technical & customer service background, it breaks me to see the problems just going on & on…

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I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience. I will forward your feedback and concern to the team.

You may also send us an email at support@anovaculinary.com.

I’m here, I have no desire to cover increasingly old ground many times over, Who gets to see our complaints exactly?

& why is the forum merely left to fester like a fly blown corpse at the side of the road in a desert heat?
…it creates a rod for backs!

I’d like confirmation that this thread will be investigated by your CEO & technical service manager please…

August 3


update on what the team have to say please!?

More specifically what does Stephen Svajian have to say?

you are minus 7 hours from the uk correct?

therefore 3pm?

July the 31st when this conversation started was monday, it is now thursaday, when can I expect a proper reply, is this the normal standard of operations?

August 4

Now friday, morning in the uk here, please, update me today, because otherwise I will have no problem sharing this silence with the forum, who pretty much already think that Anova service is a crock, technical is a crock, & that you are just coasting uncomfortably along on the back of broken product that you seem to have little actual knowledge of (certainly none that helps product get better) …thank you.

Now 10 am. S/F California time… I look forward to a proper update this morning, thanks.

Now it is almost noon, I guess therefore you have gone to hide behind a rock? …this is NOT DELIVERING CUSTOMER SERVICE “GLADYS” …far from it, have that as feedback.