BS or fact & current, Anova !?

No idea how old this is


More updates coming soon!

We heard you loud and clear! Keep the feedback coming. With the new Anova app, we now have the ability to make updates quicker than ever before.

We strive to provide an app experience that allows the #AnovaFoodNerd community to easily engage with us, each other and other food enthusiasts every day. So, keep an eye out for future updates and if you would like to join the Anova beta community please sign up here.

Is this BS? …how long has it been on the page? what “new updates” …or in short, just how many years out of date is this where the Anova sous vide wand is concerned?

Anova management this one is for you, a timely answer & detailed explanation would be appreciated by many i’m sure


Because, it has not been without good reason I refer to you as “anova year of waiting”


ANOVA web curator???

Just to make it clear that we look at Anova for an answer to this.

Absolutely, no-one else really knows their internal operations…