Why are favourites an endless jumble compared to how they are selected via category to find a recipe?

Often wondered what clever sod did that, if you gather a decent amount of “ooh looks nice, mark it for another time” the resulting chaos only serves to make it harder to find when scrolling from a phone.
(Seeing as the app has never worked on a kindle & you may not be carrying your laptop into the kitchen to cook with / from it seems very short sighted.

Is the APO as dumb in this respect or are recipes stored in a coherent manner?
For proper context when was the app released (with recipes) & has it undergone any changes or always been this bad?

If the Anove sous vide was released as a package in 2015 then we are approaching 10 years in this form otherwise, in which case SURELY someone could have done something right?

You might get more traction messaging Anova directly. With all the personnel changes I am not sure how often they monitor the posts here. I am not much help as my contacts no longer work there and still using a pre production and first generation sous vide wands. As much as I would like a steam oven I would have to get rid of my Breville. Honestly, I am not sure why I continue to moderate this site for them.

I know what you mean John, however there is collectively more brain on here than there is when you message Anova (yup, really) whose CS doesn’t run competently.

Maybe you need to heads up them about kit, seeing as time & product have moved on since 2015/16 & get straight to the point about it.

My recent foray into their car crash CS re the vacuum chamber was the usual head bang of missing pertinent detail for which I’d be happy to fill in the blanks blanks, the flapping heel in this though being not enough detail in the first instance to influence me to part with my own cash in order to find the missing detail & share it for the collective so it is out there…

Toys are great, I used to product test a lot for various firms & write up at all stages of design, getting in on the process from the word go meant our warehouses spent less storing spares for “fixes” compared to better design from the outset, it meant I was prepared at launch with the detail to a clamouring specialist public from a technical perspective, …that used to turn to a lot of sales that were on the fence & won us awards for our customer service dept within the industry.

In the past 8 years I have been assisting western thinking chinese manufacturing & marketing companies keen to understand what is needed in the vastly different western marketplace.

Ahhh! So. It’s clear, the source of the odd jargon.

Odd jargon?


You’ll never make it as a comedian Douglas, give it up now.