Stupid shit with the anova app that needs to be removed

These are some of the dumbest things I’ve seen with this.

  1. Manually setting an exact time and temp is not even possible. Manually setting both the temp and the time increase at increments of 5. This means that something that takes 12 minutes at 167f cannot be manually set. You either have to manually set the Anova to a temp of 165/170 and set the time to 15 minutes and wait until the timer runs down to 12 minutes.

  2. Publishing Recipes is not a thing
    There is no such thing as a publish recipe button which means having a published section in your profile that is explicitly for recipes you have published to the Anova app. It’s just as idiotic as having a rating for a recipe you create, the damn recipe cannot be uploaded (AKA published) to the Anova app for people to search, use, so howw can a recipe you create have a rating.

I’ve been cooking extensively with the Anova sous vide for years. I strongly recommend these steps for dealing with the myriad app issues:

  1. Navigate to where the Anova app is on your phone.
  2. Long press on the app icon
  3. Select “delete app”

Problems solved.

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If Anova had any decent competition at the price point, they would be blown out of the water. Software: Flow, Structure, and lack of simple useful features and some useless ones. Hardware: We all know about the clamp issues. Why is it that these upgrades take years with marginal results?

There’s always one on every forum. What the fuck does LONG PRESS MEAN?
Notice how he uses wording that no one knows what it means then blames the user for not knowing what the hell he is talking about. Then acts like the wording he uses is common place.

Because that would make sense!

My apologies. I assumed anyone complaining on here about the app functionality would have a basic understanding of smartphone and app functionality. My comment was tongue-in-cheek advice to simply delete the app and stop using it.

It’s been pretty widely discussed in this forum that the app serves little purpose and creates more problems than it solves. Anything you need to do with the sous vide can be done (more) easily on the device itself. Temp can be set in half-degree increments and timers to turn off are unnecessary since you can just leave stuff in at temp until you’re ready to take it out.

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I can set the temp at 0,1 degreeC precision with the app, but not with the device itself.
duration can be set by the minute on the app, only on the device it is by 5min increments …

So Unsure what your problem is, PEBCAK ???

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The title of your post is a complaint on the app. on top of that you had also posted a rant about removing the recipe section, so I focussed on the other part , hence my misunderstanding.

For the recipe section just do not use it :rofl:

BTW there is no need to shout at and insult all those that are trying to help you.

Good luck :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: with your frustration for not being able to use your new toy as you had dreamed.

Franck, I wouldn’t bother answering posts like that. They speak for themselves.

Franck, I wouldn’t bother answering posts like that. They speak for themselves.

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