How do I use the PC Wi-fi WITHOUT the app?

How do I use the PC Wi-fi WITHOUT the app? I tried pushing all over the top and spinning the front dial. I was able to set the temperature with the dial, but I never found how to set cook time. I have used Anova cookers before, but support is spotty, as this one is several years old; I just unboxed it today. I would like to be able to use it without digging out my phone. I have it working with the app, but less tech is better around here. Anybody know the answer? Thank you.

I have had a first-gen PC WiFi for some time now and I gave up using the ‘app’ years ago. One of the beauties of SV cooking is that precise time is not a requirement. I just set the temp, start it up and come back ‘later’.

'Later" for steaks is 2-3 hours, a blade (chuck( roast is usually 24+ etc. The longer the cook, the less important ‘precise’ time is. Regardless of original duration 10-20 minutes isn’t likely to spoil things. I’ve put on steaks at 133F/56C at noon, and seared/served at 6pm quite handily. If it’s a short cook for fish or something similar I just use a kitchen timer to joggle my elbow.

Hope this helps!


I don’t believe that there is a cook time function in the hardware.

Yes, precise time is indeed not critical in SV cooking, but too much is not without effect. Precise time is a function of heat transfer thickness.

Read, understand and follow Douglas Baldwin’s Practical Guide to Sous Vide Cooking, with time to temperature charts.

I want to correct something you said.

There is no possible way to get just any specific temp or time without the app. Manually increasing/decreasing the time/temp are both are done in increments of 5 which means you cannot manually set the time to 12 minutes. If you want something for 12 minutes you have to wait until the timer counts down from 15 to 12. As for the temp, you cannot manually set the temp for 167 it either goes to 165 or 170 there are no in-between increments.

So there is no possible way you can be manually setting the temp and time and coming back later.

I can set the temperature with an accuracy of 0.5 degrees Farenheit with the thumbwheel. There is no/none/zero/nada/zilch timer to be set. Therefore I don’t set one.

I set the temperature to desired level (i.e.: 133.0F), wait for the three beeps that tells me the water is up to temp, and drop my vacuum bag(s) of food and remove them when I consider the cook finished.


It’s that simple

This is with a first generation Anova WiFi 1000W device.


This is about the precision cooker, what you posted isn’t related and full of nonsense.

[quote=“KyleMW, post:5, topic:31018, full:true”]
I can set the temperature with an accuracy of 0.5 degrees Farenheit
no you can’t

Thumbwheel is not a thing.

You can’t do that.

That isn’t listed anywhere. So no on would ever even know that is a thing.

You people need to quit posting information as if it’s common knowledge, and people magically know about it.

I’ve been using this device 3 or 4 times a month since 2017, so please do not presume to “correct” me

I have 2 of the same original model of Anova precision sous vide wand.
Understood perfectly because it makes plenty of sense, even as someone who uses it over the pond in the uk, as c not f.
Models since then arent that different to work out.

Puts the tantrum thrower on the ignore list.