History missing in app

My ‘history’ is suddenly missing in the Anova app and I cannot save my recipes. Anybody else had this issue? Thanks

Lars, contact Anova directly via email / chat function, they don’t monitor these boards sadly.
(saves frustration of delays to answers)
Good luck with resolving what is hopefully a temporary glitch.

I just checked my phone for favourites & mine are all still present & correct.
(logged into the website here & favourites showing on my PC also)

Where do i find the chat function? Do you mean telephone?

If you don’t have too many blockers et al, then likley the orange circle with a smiling speech bubble within (lower right hand side of page) will be visible depending on how you are viewing this site.

Press that, an oblong chat box will open up with the “send us a message” (as well as other options)
Your chat history will be present within that section thereafter if you need to refer back / continuity.

When finished, click the orange circle (with a downward facing “v” arrow) again (which will hide the chat box)

Chat often = a 24 hr wait time as it tends not to be LIVE chat, merely a friendly resolution / go to channel, you may get anyone from the CS rep side of things, if it does not resolve issues, simply ask for a CS escalation.

It can be a bit hit & miss as to who you get that may / may not understand from a technical viewpoint but the upper echelons of CS are better brand ambassadors with more knowledge in general.
(to be clear I have had an anova sous vide since late 2016, bumps along the way but excellent eventual resolution or simple assistance, …stick with it.

If you get a reply your pc will likely make a sound at you (notification) some conversations I’ve had are answers whilst staff have time, so seen atypically every ten minutes & responded to thus, you can minimise the chat & the last point of contact should remain…

Play around with it :wink:

Or bottom of page, (bottom bar) with “support” https://support.anovaculinary.com/hc/en-us

Thank you for your excellent explanation.


You are welcome, it isn’t always obvious, depending on numerous computing factors, so rather than confuse you further a “get you going” layout.

That, & I have all the time in the world for Canadians.

Thanks MrGus. Where on the website can you see history?

Using the website (not app)
from this page click on recipes… (top header right hand half of screen)

Then log into your account…

Once logged in, on the right hand side (top of screen) will be a grey? circle with a basic human shape…

Hover over it & a history of your favourites recipes that you have “hearted” should show up as one of 3 options…

By contrast the app is linked to your anova, connected or not, so on my android phone within the app is a heart at the bottom of the screen …sorry to be vague I do not have my phone with me currently.

My history of cooks is also missing. I haven’t favorited anything, so don’t know if that works, but the private recipes are there. On top of that push notifications are not working either (Android).

Exactly the same issues I have with Anova!

I am now confused as to what & why this is happening (no mention of operating systems etc, so I’m really in the dark)

Has anyone contacted anova to highlight the issue / get info re a fix?
Can you verify you are referring to the dedicated SOUS VIDE stick? …because the description seems to fit in with the Anova OVEN .

Please confirm which units you are running & on what, my wife has an apple which I could hook up to in order to see if I glitch out on a “suicide nets” foxconn phone (yes, I do not support apple)

I am referring to the stick! Anova said they would close the case as it had been resolved. When I asked what was resolved they said they are working on it :roll_eyes:

Ok, thanks, I needed to be sure as it sounded like it could have been the oven (some people get confused with the description of “cooker” …to some a cooker can / has meant “oven” for decades, & not experiencing what you were describing as “history” might have otherwise referred to programmed steps that someone has inputted & saved …thus the query.

Did you re-install the app to force it to behave yet? / at all?

As to the Anova staff, get back on chat tell them not to be so damned useless, closing it without resolution is pure farce…

Who did you chat with?

Go to the about us page & email a senior member of customer services (or whatever it is called)

Ask to get either Trey or Vanessa on chat, let them read the “answer” from your chat & ask if that is a helpful response & solution to the problem or whether it is half arsed & leaves you both in the dark & without functionality?

I would reboot your app though / reinstall to see if that forces it, do you shut down your phone with any regularity? (my androis phone & the tesla app need time apart too, …the tesla software for our specific car is so faulty tesla staff refuse to drive it because of the potential for the “unknown” to happen (no fix though, & none planned)

Coincidence or not?
Last night I opened the app (android) & there was an almighty delay till the screen decided to show up anything in favourites, likely 10-15 seconds, my heart was in my mouth that this was now also happening to me…

The normal loading is nigh on instantaneous (same room, phone etc) so i’m curious as to why & how others have got on since reporting the same issue (they haven’t been back to update anyone, so anyone’s guess)

Mine’s also the stick. Uninstalled/reinstalled the app, cleaned the app data — all to no avail. No history, no push notifications on my Pixel 7 Pro.

I am now confused as to what & why this is happening (no mention of operating systems etc, so I’m really in the dark)

Harangue them via chat button! …hopefully they will prioritise it / provide an update (if not a solution)

I would reboot your app though / reinstall to see if that forces it, do you shut down your phone with any regularity?.