Firmware update and now nothing

after seeing the email about firmwares, i finally was at a spot to try the updates. Went in to the oven in the app and clicked update and it said it was updating but the oven didnt do anything different. same display as usual. let it sit for about 30 minutes and came back to the same thing. Made sure the iOS app was up to date and that i could start and stop a cook from the app to validate connectivity but nothing seemed to help.

After reading one of the support pages, I unlinked the app from the oven to try again. When re-adding it, i was able to connect to its wifi, then connect it to my wifi and then go through the process of adding it. at the end of the process it asked if i wanted to update to the 2.x firmware so i said yes. It said updating, and this time the oven said OTA and started counting up a percentage so i sat the phone down and went to a meeting. about an hour later came back and the phone said the oven was updated but there were no lights on the oven. not even when i opened the door. Tried unplugging and plugging it back in and now it just makes a clicking sound like a sound is about to play from its speaker every 5-ish seconds, and the display will occasionally get some random leds to come on. sometimes it looks like gibberish, sometimes its not complete characters just segments. I have left it off for another hour or so to come back and same thing. How do I hard reset this thing?

I also submitted a support report within the app but have not gotten any sort of feedback of something being submitted…
it said “make sure you attach photos or videos” but did not provide anyway of attaching anything

To keep this up to date, support did finally get back with me after about a week. the apparently are experiencing a surge and are backed up. after explaining a few times to 2 different staff in the support department via email with a 1 - 2 day lag time, i got a return label to ship it out to them to get fixed/replaced. though i did have to source my own box and packaging because i did not keep the original box. but was finally able to get it packaged and shipped. UPS wanted over $60 just to package it so if you are in a similar scenario, it is probably a good idea to make or use your own box and pack it yourself if you do not have the original.